Top Five Sony Smartphones to buy in July 2017 with price

July 11, 2017


Sony previously known as Sony Ericson has rocked the market since it shifted from windows mobile operating system to Android and produced some of the best smartphones which are marketed mostly under the tag line of Dust proof and water proof and as a matter of fact they really proves according to the expectations. Moving to Android gave a great boost to its products with earning loyal followers across globe, Great amount of which comes from Europe. The lineup brought a whole new range of mind blowing sets till date with Xperia X1 as the first phone released in the range.

Sony Xperia™ XZ:

With its elegant display even at 1080p. solid performance, An amazing 19 mega pixels camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, water resistant property it comes with a clean and flawless software. The SONY website too promotes it as the  most groundbreaking smartphone to date. The back camera is published as being able of capturing the motion that human eyes can’t while the front camera as blur-free. Its price on Amazon is 799$, bit much eh! But totally worth it

Sony Xperia XA1


With a very compact design, impressive camera, an updated 23 megapixel camera, longer battery life it surprisingly comes at an affordable price of 299.99 $. Even at this price Sony has tried to mount it with the most suitable specs. This awesome sony product has the most prominent features as in its high resolution camera and borderless desingn. The 23 MP camera is an expert in producing an image with high pixels high resolution and at optimal light. The smooth design gives a slick look in your hand and making the borders visually disappear.

Sony xpera XZs

XZs really came with an ahead of time camera. The camera has ability of super slow motion video recording and its predictive capture property really made it a step ahead of its time. Intelligent interface, looped surface and metal back gives a luxurious color and shine. Smart Stamina accurately keeps the log of your usage and prepare a plan for a throughout day performance. Comes in price range of $699.99.

Sony xperia X

With its really sharp and accurate camera you can plaay a blink game with your mate. Blink and will definitely get it. In terms of elegance this sony product is an absolute stunner metal back gives it undeniable marvell texture, the curved glass edges further adds to the beauty. Just 

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