July 26, 2017

Kuching is the capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawah, which located on the northwest coast of the island Borneo. The Sarawak's is the national culture, British dependent heritage and Indian and Chinese migrants, have all played the major role in creating the Kuching which exists today. Much like the Malaysia, it is also a cultural melting pot, but in the Kuching life is the little bit silent and cold, a bit like the slow moving river which flows through its heart.

Kuching is the kind of place where the river flows quietly by the people smile and say hello by you pass them in the street and the dozens of cat statues allow it an odd character which can't help but it charm the city its visitors.

1. Relax by the Riverside

The south bank of the Sarawak River has been repaired in the recent years to create the peaceful promenade. The Shady pedestrian pathways which are over hug by the trees and decorated with the flower beds it becomes the fairyland at night, and the colorful light reflects in the river.

The Brown with the fertile soil from demanding during the day, by night the river shine like the city, and they sleep peacefully under the city lights. The market stalls line on the path, local and tourists similar absorb in the calmness on the park benched, and the riverside restaurants make the best trade.

2. Check Out Kuching's Cat Statues

It is Coincidence that in the Malay Kuching means Cat. There are the three largest cat statues around the town, and there is another little one here and there. There is also a cat museum outside the city. We did not get there, but if you know a cat thing, then it would be an odd addition to the Kuching cat tour.

3. Take a stroll through Chinatown

The Kuching has the old Chinatown, which is centered around the Jalan Carpenter and a new Chinatown, which located in the busy commercial area along Jalan Padungan which is worth the visit for its markets. There are few restaurants available around here.

The Jalan Carpenter and around are the gorgeous place to see the traditional architecture of the old Kuching town and the bunch of Chinese temples. The Harmony Arch sits at the entrance of the street.

4. Take a River Cruise

Whether you get on the board with the tiny, putting sampans which ferry people to and fro across the river, take a fast boat out of the mangroves downriver or do one of the many tourist sunset cruises on offer it is worth to get out on the water.

With the mess of fear in the small boats discover the while making the mangrove trip out on the santubong peninsular, we opted for the big tourist ferry option for the one and half hour sunset cruise.

5. Kuching's Museums

In addition to the cat museum, Kuching also has the couple of good ones covering all the things like historical, anthropological, natural, artistic and ethnological.

The Ethnology Museum has some other beat out stuffed things downstairs, animals from the local area and beyond.

The Art Museum has some interesting pieces, and it is also only stone's throw from the Ethnology Museum.

This Museum is free to visit. There is the lovely garden behind the Museum.

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